Are you really hearing what each other has to say?



Whether you're arguing over the same old things or a new challenge suddenly arises, couple's therapy can help you untangle the knots and plan a way forward.

I work with couples to clarify their concerns, roadblocks and goals in moving forward. This might include re-opening long-closed channels of communication; revitalizing emotional and sexual intimacy; and learning more deeply what each of you wants and needs from each other and the relationship. It might include addressing emotional or physical absences, infidelities or betrayals. It might include pre-marriage or pre-living-together counseling, or post-relationship separations. No two couples are the same. I bring a wide range of tools and approaches together to tailor a unique approach for every relationship.


Friends & Family Members

Best friends can have problems similar to couples. Families of choice can get caught in conflict. Family members may have a lifetime of hurts you'd like to resolve together, or new caregiving responsibilities you'd like to share. 

We as humans are hard-wired to seek connection. We're biologically driven to care and connect, and key parts of our nervous systems react to one another and benefit from contact. One of the most life-giving things we can do is keep these important relationships healthy and functioning. When you're facing a challenge or communications break down, therapy can be an effective antidote. 


Queer Couples

Sometimes identities, genders and orientations are critical to our work. Other times you just want to be sure a therapist understands your culture and experience so that your identity, gender or orientation isn't the focus.

When Queer or LGBT people seek couple's therapy, sometimes their concerns have nothing to do with their LGBTQ-ness. At other times, issues like gender transitioning are front and center and part of a couple's changing dynamics. Are all of your ex's your best friends? Does the stress of not being out at work take a toll on your relationship at home? Did the unfairness of growing up in a heterosexist culture leave a mark?  I understand. Working with an LGBTQ-culturally-competent therapist lets you leave the explaining behind and focus on your concerns.